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Saturday, September 10, 2005


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Jacki Whitford

While I agree with Mr. King's article, he is totally forgetting something. Our President is "hard headed". He will not budge on any choice he makes for a position no matter how wrong the nominee may be. He will push the Chosen One down the nation's throat and that of Congress until they are appointed, or some catastrophe happens and he has to quickly do an about face. And if he makes a mistake and anyone complains, he will have has father, mother and wife defend him in the media. What's wrong with this picture?

We have lost an enormous piece of our history to toxic waters, and a large part of our community which are scattered to the far corners of America. To heal our nation, and those who survived, we need to place just as much emphasis in rebuilding the South (communities and jobs to those who are impacted first!) as we are putting into rebuilding Iraq.

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