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Friday, September 23, 2005


Mr. Snitch!

I hear you!

John Blake

It really is hard for some to admit that much of so-called "right-wing" comment dating from the early 1950s was prescient in flagging where socialisms of all stripes were heading.

Baselines include: East vs. West Germany from about 1946; North vs. South Korea from circa 1954; Japan vs. Red China since WWII. No matter how murderously retrogressive, to the point of Darwinian inverse-selection, collectivist regimes become, they never lack for hard-left support in prosperous free-market states.

Homosexual "marriage", quota hiring, environmental expropriations etc. have all been forecast decades in advance... in such cases, the "slippery slope" argument has been validated time and again. This is because your typical leftist is a ranting schemer who works only to gain power. Once suitably ensconced, he will destroy you: Not merely because any halfway decent citizen abominates him, but because narcissistic nihilism is all he knows.

Anyone who approves ANSWER's totalitarian obsession has psychological rather than political problems, because celebrating regimes so gruesome represents a death-wish
projected onto others. Islamofascist terrorism is a case study in such delusions, made if possible more reprehensibile by its reptilian pretense to
spiritual values.

Let 'em march. And at day's end, may they and all they stand for be seen for what it is: Profoundly vicious, radically anti-peace and prosperity, dangerous only to the extent that we ignore it or perversely refuse to call it by its name.


If they're the ANSWER, how hideous must the QUESTION be?!


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