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Sunday, October 09, 2005


The Monster

At the risk of stating the obvious, at least to those of us who live in the KC metro area, Olathe, KS is included therein. It's not unusual for people from KCMO to move out to Olathe after they've built enough equity to afford the price of a home there.


You say it matters, but does it really? Either way, the Post took it at face-value, never considering the possibility that maybe these anti-war protests don't have the broad, grassroots support that ANSWER wants you to think.

And that's damning.

Christopher Fotos

Thanks for the local info, Monster.

RFTR, there are lots of ways to make mistakes, and I've made a few myself. The reporter could have assumed Cuddy was a "novice" protester. ANSWER could have pitched Cuddy to her (I don't know that they did, I'm just speculating) that way without Cuddy's knowledge. Et cetera. There's a difference between carelessness and subterfuge.

By the way, re-reading both versions of the correction, I see they say that Cuddy attended three previous large rallies against the war, a careful phrase that leaves the door open to her having attended even more smaller rallies. This is some experienced novice!


Thanks for catching this, Chris. Makes my efforts seem . . . well, hell, it's better than nothing. A little.

By the way, it seems almost certain that Cuddy has participated in smaller anti-war protests, or at least has attempted to. It appears that she'll try to turn just about anything into an anti-war rally. As I noted in my original post on her back on September 23:

"She once tried to march in a local St. Patrick's Day parade as an 'Elf for Peace,' carrying 'PEACE IS GREEN signs decorated with shamrocks.'"

Christopher Fotos

Hey Matt! You did super work, and as I noted at the time you did yourself credit by pointing to Chris Hall when he missed the Instalanche.

And yes, re the smaller demos, the more I think of it the more it has to be the case that they carefully worded this cx to say she attended three previous large demos.

Novices are just more experienced than they used to be.


It looks like the only novices here are the reporter and the editor.

John Blake

In any participation, the first rule is "know who you're dealing with." Gandhi is one thing, Hitler or Stalin is another.

Someone has misrepresented this person's longstanding history of arm-waving at any anti-US demonstration available. I suspect all three parties: The organizers, seeking to appear as appealing to the hitherto-naive middle; the post-partum activist herself, fudging the fact that she WILL march once a month, regardless, and has for many years; and the "reporter" (a log-on propagandist), whom we do not credit with a "mistake" or even good intentions: She knew perfectly well what this "spontaneous upwelling of dissent" signified, who pulled its strings, for whose partisan purposes the whole thing was obviously orchestrated.

Why act surprised at a dishonest, weasely "correction" which is no more than a self-justification for repeating the exercise every time an opportunity recurs?
Don't bother to even scan this stuff originally, because such theatricals are phony on their face. Maybe aging hippies still take these coprophagous mouthings seriously, but no-one with any sense would waste his time.


Perhaps if you don't get paid to protest you can't be considered above amateur status.

Perhaps knowing that you've been agitating for 30 years without results is too grim a thought for the protestors to get their minds around.

chris hall

Thanks again for the link(s). Amazing how the WaPo folks and others just don't seem to understand what regular people find obvious.

I need to find a truly outrageious story and get an instalanche of my very own :^}

Nah, I'm too busy figuring out where to go for my next motorcycle ride.

Christopher Fotos

Chris, your priorities sound pretty good to me.

And kudos for your sleuthing.


I dropped WaPo a note about this (using your links). Think they'll fix it?

Christopher Fotos

Good question. As of Tuesday morning, that note inside the correction is still there. Posibilities include 1. They don't know (it's a big paper) 2. They do know, and know that it's been flagged by me, and therefore don't want to call more attention to it by changing it.


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