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Wednesday, January 04, 2006



It is also interesting to note that yesterday's Washington Post editorial erroneously claimed that MSHA no longer published its accident reports. The error is inexplicable. MSHA fatal accident reports are availabe in pdf format on msha's public website - www.msha.gov - a website that the paper's writers and editors had undoubtably visited on many ocassions over the previous two days.


Well, of course you can blame something other than the multi-layered fact-checking professionals of the ink-stained wretch union.

"News of the miners' miraculous survival had come right at deadline for East Coast newspapers."

Fact checking is nice, but deadlines are deadlines. (Seriously, though, in that snippet which you have a screencapture of our journaless doesn't use any self-defense equivocation like "according to mine officials" or "sources say". It was just out there as a fact, like, the sun rose this morning and I don't need anyone to source that one for me. It does seem...reckless.)

Christopher Fotos

Exactly, Mike.

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