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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Tom Blumer

Y'know, this 16 words meme is almost as annoying as the "No WMDs" crap, which Richard Miniter definitively debunked last October:

Christopher Fotos

It will. not. die. We need a wooden stake or something (for the meme, not Howard).

As for the WMDs, I haven't examined all those claims, partly because I've been satisfied that Bush's decision was entirely sound based on what we knew at the time. I also recall the Duelfer report--do I have the right name, or the guy that succeded him--in which it was made crystal clear that Saddam had his WMD programs in standby mode, just waiting for the sanctions to fall so he could spool them up again. This makes the war even a better pre-emptive strike than we thought. And of course I'm watching the painfully slow Project Harmony document translations.

Thanks for the pointer to Miniter.


I came a cross a news story recently that demolishes that old theory that the Nazis invaded Poland. Col Schmitzbillerhangthere fromerly of the SS says that he was the first to cross the Polish border in 1939 but he just got lost and wandered over. He never even used his gun Schmitzbilerhangthere was known as no friend of the Nazis and had only reluctantly sworn the SS oath. Apologies to Hitler's ghost and the other German soilders who subsequently crossed over the border AFTER Schmitzbillerhangther have been demanded for being falsely blamed for WWII. History books are being rewritten.

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