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Saturday, October 21, 2006



Love this song. Were can I buy it ???


"Remind Me" by Röyksopp is available on Rhapsody.


Love the song!!
Thanks for all the good info.


where can i buy the remind me tune by royksopp?

Christopher Fotos

It's amazing that I still get tons of hits--for my blog, more than 100 a day--from google searches on this topic.

One commenter above says the tune can be bought on Rhapsody, which I don't use; it's also available on Napster.


Haha! Yes!

I searched for the name of this song and I found your blog!

Thank you! I want to cover this track with my band.

Awesome find!

BTW...it is available on Rhapsody. Just take out the German thingamujiggy when you type the artists' name.

Christopher Fotos

Glad to help! Even though this post is about a half-year-old, it's still the single-most popular random search-hit for PostWatch.


This song is also available for free to any American student with an .edu email address at www.ruckus.com

And yes its legal. :)

Christine Gron ( my name used to have an umlaut)

Thanks for finding the name of that song on the "caveman" airport commercial. I SEARCH the channels to find it.In Sunday's paper 3/18/07 someones asked who portrays him. It is John Lehr. ABC is considering a"Caveman" sitcom. I hope they use the music.

Christopher Fotos

It's amazing--this post is nearly a half-year old, and still gets 40-80 hits a day from people using search engines. And by far this is the best public service PostWatch has ever provided, judging from nice comments like Christine's.

Yes, there may be a Caveman sitcom--I think whatever network is involved may have already bought a short pilot package. That may be too much, but I don't blame anyone for trying. Meanwhile check out this Caveman website as a good timewaster--it's put up by the same folks, to keep the buzz going. Our boys are getting ready for party, and you can walk around their hip apartment and click on various things. Best of all, when you find it, is an Ipod with a party mix. The Röyksopp tune comes online when you enter the site, but other songs follow, you'll probably like them if you like Röyksopp, and you can look up the artist and track on the Ipod.

I love the web.


oh thank you so much for the info. wife will have something to distract her for awhile now.

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I still get tons of hits--for my blog, more than 100 a day--from google searches on this topic. One commenter above says the tune can be bought on Rhapsody, which I don't use; it's also available on Napster.


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