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Friday, February 09, 2007



Chris...it's a little hard for the Post to blame Levin when Walter Pincus was quoting from a 2004 Levin report and Walter already covered it Levin DIA-Pentagon BEFORE (it just goes on and on)

In fact, in January 2004 al-Libi recanted his claims, and in February 2004 the CIA withdrew all intelligence reports based on his information. By then, the United States and its coalition partners had invaded Iraq.

Levin, ranking Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said he arranged for the material to be declassified by the DIA last month. At the same time that the administration was linking Baghdad to al Qaeda, he said, the DIA and other intelligence agencies were privately raising questions about the sources underlying the claims.

Since then, Levin said in an interview Friday, almost all government intelligence on whether Iraq pursued or possessed weapons of mass destruction has proved faulty. In addition to the allegation of training terrorists loyal to Osama bin Laden, there were government claims that then-Iraq President Saddam Hussein had stocks of chemical and biological weapons, that he had reconstituted his nuclear weapons programs, and that unmanned airborne vehicles posed a threat, Levin said.

He said that he could not be certain that White House officials read the DIA report, but his "presumption" was that someone at the National Security Council saw it because it was sent there.

Administration officials declined to comment for this article.

Levin noted in a prepared statement that, beginning in September 2002, President Bush, Vice President Cheney, then-national security adviser Condoleezza Rice, then-CIA Director George J. Tenet, and then-Secretary of State Colin L. Powell used the alleged chemical and biological training by Baghdad as valid intelligence in speeches and public appearances to gather support for the Iraq war...



Do you suppose Hillary feels the oncoming tsunami and is fleeing the beach?


Your favorite correction is a perfect example of just the type of perversion that motivated Luther.

If you had a hammer.

Christopher Fotos

Um, no jihads against Luther around here, please.


Oops, sorry. Never talk about politics or religion.


The lovely thing about the internet is that argument doesn't have to degenerate into fisticuffs, or, worse yet, agreement.


Was that a knife to the gut, Chris.

It could be, it might be, it is; a homerun with a simple mindwave of the bat.

I've been tryin' to tell C how grand it all is.


So you evil bloggers are now using MOACs on innocent population centers...

A Lancet Study claims millions of Post Reporter fatalities...

This is genocide. Impeach Yourself!

Evil incarnate...




Now let me get this straight: The operatives in the CIA freely admit that their HUMINT was woefully inadequate for many years. But they quickly dismissed Chech intel that Atta met the Iraqi intelligence chief in Prague before 9/11 and British intel that Saddam was trying to procure yellowcake from Niger before the Iraq war. Both of those foreign intelligence services stand behind these accessments to this day. I feel better knowing Feith was looking over the shoulders of the CIA "analysts". I'm sure they are as reliable as the "operatives".

Christopher Fotos

Yeah, it's not like the CIA had a stellar record.


Well, Plame was in charge.

Say hey, K, let's hear from J.

Now he has a reason to run. The prodigal had his chance.

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Do you suppose Hillary feels the oncoming tsunami and is fleeing the beach?

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