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Thursday, February 08, 2007


Carol Herman


Think for a moment. Someone says "they work at the CIA." And, in this example, you're an insider in DC's "circle." Your first assumption is that she's NOT a spy. Spies are so undercover their wives, husbands, mothers and fathers just DON'T KNOW THAT THEY ARE SPIES.

There was once a famous TV show (in the days of black and white), when our American spy went upstairs, and moved the big grandfather clock, away from the wall. So he could enter into his "secret chamber."

Back to my example:

So, you hear "wife works for _________."

Ya know what? If you were at a party, and introduced? You'd ALSO FORGET HER NAME! (Don't you hate it when you can't remember these stinking details?)

Well, nothing embarasses me more than when someone comes over, sounding like we've met. (And, I'll admit that we have.) And, I have NO CLUE what to call them. It's made worse if it looks like I should also "introduce them around."

But we're to believe Libby's mind is like a vault. I can forget these things. You can forget these things. But Libby can tell you, day by day, what his mom packed in his lunch pail, when he was in 5th grade. That's how high up the media gave his brain ratings.

But, where's the "so what?" factor? Wife works at? And, what do you immediately think? Maybe, she's a secretary? Maybe, she's a page at NBC. (Drudge once was. How many people make careers of it that will stand out? And, you'll go, Oh, yeah. I remember. 5th grade, right?)

I'm not impressed! This was a smear campaign. A political witch hunt. That was supposed (according to testimony you might hear, ahead, from Evan Thomas) ... that Wilson said to Kerry "this idea" is worth 15% points.

If true? Kerry was really in the crapper as a candidate without this "boost."

On the other hand? Dan Rather managed to hand Bush, in 2004, about 4-million more voters. Just by the insane claim he made on 60-Minutes.

It's not as if insane claims don't come around every four years. When candidates vie for president.

WHile for Algore? Inventor of the internet, former president of the USA, who did not serve one day? Master of warming science. What can I say? Belief, when you make it your religion, sure contains some mighty strange fantasy stuff, along the way. And, "belief" is harder to shake than Jello.

The left is going to hide the conspiracy aspect. But they'll begin dining on their own. And, Russert? His ankle recovers before his reputation. So he can keep using his crutches.

ANd, today? He only got 11 minutes from Wells? And, now Wells wants 2 hours more? Should be interesting. Very, very interesting. Stay tuned.

Christopher Fotos

Actually, Carol, I could be wrong, but I think he got 11 minutes on direct examination from Fitzgerald and then however many minutes more from Wells on cross. But your point remains the same.

I can't get inside Libby's brain and say anything with complete certainty, but I'm confident in rejecting that Libby and Cheney were obssessed with Wilson the way MSM is painting the picture. Aggravated, yes, try to get other info out there sure---but they had a few thousand other things on their plates.

soccer dad

That Schmidt report is really valuable. I used it last week disputing David Ignatius. Yes Post staffers would do well to read their own newspaper instead of relying on a partisan narrative. After all the Washington Post as it boasts on its masthead is an "Independent" newspaper.

Extra points for quoting from one of my favorite movies. It was so ... human.
(but perfect.)

Christopher Fotos

Thank God somebody knew the reference!

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